Reconciliation and Restoration Church


Brethren, you’re welcome to the presence of God. There is fullness of Joy and victory in God’s presence. Each one must approach God by faith and receive by Faith. Faith is  a corresponding action to what you know and believe. There are  plans you already had and things to accomplish

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Month of Stepping Out In Faith

Hab 2:4 Matt 9:22 Mk 11:22  Heb 11:3,6 Lk 1:45, 2 Cor 5:7, 1 John 5:4 God is the God of FAITH. All the actions of God has it’s root in faith. God rewards Faith. It is faith that pleases God. Faith is the master key to the world of

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Fasting and Prayer & Holy Communion
Sunday 2 February  at 10 :00
Men and Women Meeting:
Sunday 2 February  at 13:00
Leadership Meeting:
Saturday 15 February  at 19:00
Workers Meeting
Saturday 22  February  at 19:00
Winner Women Prayer :
Friday 28, February at 19:00