Reconciliation and Restoration Church


God’s Grace has given us life and enabled us to enter into this year 2021. God has good plans for you. He want you to know what that plan is and fulfil it. As Christians, we are called to seek God with our hearts and minds. Seeking God is asking

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Month of Seeking God, Prayer and Fresh Power

Jer 29:13 Psalm 32:8-9, 2 Chr 26:5 Lk 18:1 Psalm 27: 4,8 , 92:10 Acts 10:38, 1 Sam 10:6 Judges 14:19 Mk 1:35 Phil 4:6-7 Col 4:2-3 Seeking God’s direction, guidance, wisdom and leading is the first thing in the school of success. We all want to succeed this year.

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Prayer,  Fasting and Holy Communion
Saturday  2-3 January at 10:00
Women / Men  Meeting
Sunday  17 January at 13:00
Leaders / Workers meeting
Saturday 23 January at 18:00
Sunday 24 January  at 13:00
Winner women Prayer { ZOOM }
Every Friday  at 19:30
Youth Song Ministration
Sunday 24 January at 10:00