Month of Times and Seasons

Gen 8:22, Psalm 31:15, 2Kings 4:16-17, Eccl 3:1-8, Dan 2:20-21, 7:12, Hosea 2:9, Matt 24:45, Mk 11:13, John 5:4, Acts 1:7, 1Thess 5:1,  2Tim 4:2-4Our earth operates in times and seasons. We need to discern the times and season. we need to focus on what God is doing and saying and seeing things from God’s perspective. There is time and season for everyone. It’s very tragic when this precious element of life is missed. Opportunity comes to all but not all grab their opportunity so also is times and season.  Ignorant and neglect of one’s season makes him a perpetual slave to others.  Grabbing your season is a function of focus, knowledge and understanding. You will not miss your season of glory. The man at the pool of Bethesda remained paralyzed for more than three decades because he lost focus of the season. Times and seasons change, it will work in your favour. We must operate like the children of Issachar who understands the times and seasons. There are seasons in our lives when God’s promises manifest and are the “now” times of prophetic fulfillment. We need to have an intimate relationship with the Lord to identify these times and agree with these declarations so we can move forward into a new season and receive what God has for our lives. We must operate in the Issachar anointing so that we can understand and discern God’s prophetic times and work together with God’s tipping point in our lives as well as to intercede for our families, friends, others and nations. We are living in the days described by Isaiah, the prophet. As darkness increases in these last days, God’s light needs to shine, and His voice heard to dispel the darkness and release His glory. We are that prophetic voice! Now is the time. We must continue to look ahead and forget what is behind us. For everything there is seasons and times under heaven, it’s your time.