Isa 60:1-22, Matt 5:13-14, John 14:12, Joel 2:2, Isa 2:2

We are on the verge of a major event in the body of Christ. There is a divine program on. The church is moving into the realms of awakening the world has never known. The church is coming unto a power frequency into the realms of power, glory, holiness, righteousness, excellence, beauty, honour and distinction that will herald the return of the king of kings and Lord of Lords, the commander, the  head of principalities and powers in the person of Jesus Christ our Lord. God has destined us to be above only because, we are the righteous seed of the Righteous God. This time, the world should be reading our biographies to locate how to run their system. The church will be causing undeniable waves wherever they are, commanding the attention of the kings and thrones. We are in the days of the fullness of the inheritance of the Saints. We will be men and women of unquestionable dominion. Nations will identify and respect the church. The Elijahs will emerge deciding the destinies of nations. But outside the church, their camp will be great sufferings and afflictions. The world will come and learn from the church how to live. You have to be awake on the inside, in order to matter on the outside. This generation needs us to sweeten the people’s lives and preserve them from decadence. It’s time for the church to take the stage and reign in glory. Everyone will possess his possession. No one will leave any of his possession in the hands of the devil. People should jump for joy at our appearance, because of our impact. We should not pass anywhere unnoticed because of our glory. We are going to calculate sickness out of our lives, failure out of our ways and we will be shining on all fronts, in spite of the devil. Wisdom of wealth creation is descending upon the church as a testimony as in the days of Abraham, Isaac and Joseph. It’s time never to be ignored again. The world will be blessed by the impact of the church. Your impact to society will be an added value. It’s time for impact. It is time to arise and shine.