Beloved, Welcome to our service: The Almighty God and the creator of the universe is calling all people everywhere to all mankind to seek Him and they will find Him. He is good to all and love all. It is sad that some have neglected this call while some have rejected it. God is still kind and merciful and waiting to welcome them into His kingdom. Coming to God is not a curse nor a burden. It is where you find rest for your soul and hope for the now and future. Those who come to God cannot be refused entering. God will do amazing things in their life. God is aware of the suffering, troubles and confusion of you are facing. He is answer to the answer to those issues. He has invited you so that He can He can work with you to bring a lasting solution in your case.  Through Jesus Christ the Son of God you can enter into a loving and lasting relationship with God.  Obedient is what is required. Every human being has a glorious destiny. God did put something good in him to offer to our world. But when he refuses to listen, take instruction from God and obey them, he may not make good impact in the society. Don’t run away from God. He gives wisdom to operate well in life. He brings restoration and heals every wound. Things may be bad in your life but God is willing and able to put it right. God wants to do a new thing in your life. He wants to help you. Though you may have had bad seasons and times. It may look as if all opportunities have passed you by. God have another opportunity and chance for you. You can trust Him and relate to you wherever you are and God can be found there. His presence is everywhere. Call on God that created heavens and earth through His Son Jesus Christ and He will show up. He will give fruitful season and rest from your struggles. Call the God of all creation and He will answer you. You case can be settled by God. God has all power at His disposal. You will not miss God and you will not miss your season. A new chapter is opened unto you. You shall recover and recover well. Peace of the Lord be with you.