Beloved, You’re welcome to the presence of the Living God. You’ve made a good decision in joining us in the worship of the Only True God.  God has opened His hands to receive all that come to Him by Faith in His Son Jesus Christ. In the presence of God is the fullness of joy and at His right hand is pleasure forever more. What is it that is troubling you? What is it that gives you concern? Just relax because you have come to meet with the Creator of the universe. Nothing is too had for God to do. He desires the best for you. God is the story changer and He will change your story. When a man encounter God, miracle is  born, breakthrough will happen and curses will turn to blessing. God wants a relationship with you. He knows everything about you. He will fix your life and make you a shining star.. There is no problem He cannot handle. Your life matters so much to Him because He created you for good. He wants to see you happy, blessed, healthy, joyful, fulfilled and accomplish great things. You may have made mistakes in the past, disappointed and suffered several failures, But an encounter with the ALMIGHTY GOD will change your story. Don’t worry, He will remove the rough edges of your life and bring beauty and joy into your life.. With God, you cannot miss your destiny. There is nothing too hard for Him to do. Just surrender your life to Him. Believe Him by faith. By doing that, You have given God permission to do surgery in your life and perform His wonders.  He will help you. His arms of love and care  are opened unto you. Do you need a  BREAKTHROUGH? He wants to give you breakthroughs and usher you into a life of  unending blessing.  Open up to God right now, He will cleanse you and deliver you. He is always good. You can trust Him with your life. He takes away reproaches and brings beauty out of ashes. The God of Love, Mercy and Grace touch you today and change your story. Expect His wonders right now.