Friend, God has done you well by coming to His presence. Coming to service is coming to the presence of God. It is fellowship with God and His people. There is awesome power and blessings that cannot be found anywhere else except in the presence of God. God commanded us to come together in fellowship. Every lover of God obeys that command. It is the presence of God that makes the difference. It is a place where the natural encounter the supernatural. It is a place of offering sacrifices of praise, worship and adoration. It is a place of revelation and empowerment. Destines are changed in God’s presence. David, understood the wonders of God’s presence in His house where His children gathered together to meet with Him and fellow together. He emphatically spoke with confidence “I was glad when they said unto me let us go to the house of God”. The house where Christians gathered together becomes “the house of God”. It is a place of reverence to God. There is power available in such gathering that changes the lives and situation of men. God’s presence is the difference. Blessings flows and wonders are displayed that ministers to the need of the people. There is abundant satisfaction God releases upon the people in His house. Be a committed and an addicted lover of God’s house. Be part of what God is doing in His house. Come with an expectation of an encounter with God. The power of God will flow through you and make you a force to be reckoned with. Serve God with sincerity and gladness of heart. Be a living sacrifice. Enter into a sweet and loving relationship with God by turning your heart completely to God. Allow the Holy Spirit to work in you and beautify you. Let people see God in you. Don’t just be a believer but a disciple of Jesus Christ. Let God use you to bring a change to others. In this service, the awesome power of God will do wonders in your life and your story will change for good.