God has preserved you in all circumstances. He has shown you His loving kindness and tender mercy. He as been good to you. The goodness of the Lord has rapped us in all situations. God is expecting us to continue in His loving kindness. He want us to be satisfied with the fatness of His house and drink of the rivers of His pleasure. God is not mad at you. He wants to help and up lift you from miry clay and establish your feet on a solid rock. God. God created us not for loneliness but to have a loving relationship with Him. Relationship are some of the biggest  joy and biggest pains in most lives. When relationship is going well, it brings a wellspring of life to us. In Genesis, it was clear that God never want us to be alone. He created us for relationship with Him and also others. Trying to navigate our live without God is like being ‘lonely’. God want to go with us in our lives. God’s Word demonstrates that He values relationship with us, and is willing to endure pain and loss for the joy of pursuing reunion and better relationships with mankind. His perfect plans for us is to prosper. Prosperity not as ungodly people have defined it. Any prosperity that takes us away from godliness is not a true prosperity from God. Prosperity should draw us closer to God in reverence, honour ad adoration to Him. All we need is to have the “mind of Christ” in all areas of live inclining “Prosperity “. The Word of God says ” the prosperity of a fool will destroy him”. God doesn’t want us to be fools and acts as fools that will lead to destruction of our lives and others. God’s Will is for those that serve to prosper. We can live in godly prosperity where we can thrive and be successful in all we do to bring honour and glory to God. Godly prosperity is not divorced from God. God is the giver of good things. Whatever we are called to do or assigned by God is designed by God to be prosperous. It should increase and move forward. Joseph as a slave servant in Potiphars house in Egypt prospered and also brought prosperity to his master. That should be our life- condition too. That should be our way of life. The difference is that Joseph lived a godly life and hated iniquity. He exemplified godly lifestyle even as a slave. It is not just where we are or what we do as work that makes us prosperous but the God with us and how we represent our God. You can prosper and it is the Will of God but you must have the mindset of Christ.