Friends, you did well by coming to the presence of the living God. Great things happens where God is. Lives are beauties. Ashes are turned to beauty. Curses are turned to blessing. Mourning is turned to dancing. Life is not your own, it is a wonderful gift from God. Whatever you are today is a result of the love, mercy and grace of God. The man that build a house has more honour than the house itself. God is the builder of life. Whatever God builds stays the same. God wants to build your life. Remember only the living has part of what is happening here on earth. Those who have left this world have no more portion here on earth. There is hope for the living. A living dog is better than a dead lion. The dead cannot praise God nor will they participate in what is happening here on earth. Even if you have experienced numerous downfall, disappointments, tragedies and any other tough situations, there is still great hope for you. Things can still turn around in your life. Be thankful that you are still alive. The dayspring from on high will do a new thing, strange act and wonders in your life. Those who seek the Lord will find Him. You will find God today and your life will move to the next level. God is the ultimate power that cannot be stopped. Your acknowledgement to the God of heaven and earth, the one that laid the pillar of the earth and your surrendering to His Will marks the beginning of life of unending honour and joy. Those who honour God receives a reward of honour. The most important relationship of any man is a close relationship with God. You can start a new relationship with God today. He will turn your obstacles to miracles, barriers to breakthrough and a living and undeniable testimony. Yes, the year is coming to an end but God’s will have no end in your life. It will only increase more and more. No one serve God and go empty handed. God is the beauty of life. It’s time to bless God and appreciate His goodness in your life..