Beloved, welcome to the presence of God. God has invited you to His presence; a place where all things are ready. Whatever you are seeking in life that is good and worthy can be found and obtained  in God. The throne of God is the throne of grace and mercy. God’s mercy has preserved you and drew you to His presence. Nothing is impossible with God. Enter into a committed and faithful relationship with the Lord. God is not holding your sin against you. He put it upon Jesus and now has commanded everyone to come to Him by the blood and faith of Jesus Christ. In God you will discover your true identity and what you are called to do. Life should not be a bunch of frustration. Life should be lived to its fullness. It cannot be possible until one understand that it begins with God who is the giver of life. Your life by divine mandate should  be a blessing. It should be impactful. Your geographical location should not be an excuse. God can rich out to anyone at any place and make him or her a person to be envied. What you need is to settle down and take rest in God. God makes a way where there is no way. Your heart must long after God. You  can find God wherever you are right now. With heart man believe in God and great thing begins to happen. It can hand to you if you seek after God of the universe. Your challenges are real but God is the solution to that change. Wisdom can be impacted to you that will turn that challenge into a blessing. Don’t sit down and expect things to happen. Rise up and do something. Until you rise up, your journey into liberty and success has not yet started. You may be having great dreams and aspiration but it will only be accomplished by the help of God. God is saying to you ” it’s time to wake up from your slumberness and get started. You can change your level. You can do something good. God is waiting for you. Wake-up, stand-up and make a move in the direction God is showing you.