The Church of God is taking their position of importance in the world. Christianity holds much value and answer to many problems. To be a Christian is to be like CHRIST. The church is awake from their slumberness to set a good example for the world to follow. No more will the church be despised by the opposition. The Church will be operating in the power and authority of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ. The anointing of God is coming in a mighty wave on the church that will make the church to be a force to reckon with. Jesus Christ, under the anointing did not only cast out devils, preach the gospel and heal the sick but  also provided bread and fish for the people. He was never a beggar but a unique distributor. He was also socially comfortable, lodged in the large upper room, rode in a special boat “asleep on a pillow” where you cannot feel the billows, and was always moving in a convoy and other little ships with him. Jesus ministry was so socially relevant that they came to take Him by force to make Him a king but He fled. The emergence of the exalted church is now restored and enthroned with authority by the ways of God. People will rush into the church in their numbers to seek after God in a true heart. Heaven is releasing the fullness of her redemptive colour. God is raising men and women of supernatural authority, power, ability, wisdom, intelligence, great ideas, innovation, integrity and fearless who will command the attention of the world in all fields. The church will become so exalted through the Power of the Holy Spirit and God’s Word. The little among us will become great. They shall do exploits and provide solutions to the problem of the world. It is time for the church to take her place of glory, honour and power. It is an army that cannot be stopped. An army enjoying some strange inexplicable abundance, signs and wonders, boldness to preaching the gospel. Men and women of unquestionable dominion. We are in the days of the fullness of the inheritance of the church. What does it take to belong this great army of dominion and exploits. Turn your life over to Jesus, His power will come upon you and you begin to live supernatural life of great wonders.