Beloved, You’re welcome to the 2024 full of possibilities, great aspiration and blessings. In the presence of God ” all things are possible to them that believe”. God  is supernatural and reigns supreme. God wants what happens in heaven to happen on earth. The earth has been given to man by God. Man has to cooperate with God’s instruction and command in order to attain to his great height in destiny.  Great and awesome things have been destined for you by God. God’s thought about you is good. He wants you to experience heaven on earth. Would you like to live in God’s best for you?. If yes, it will take your commitment, faithfulness and obedient. The first step is coming to God. That’s good but you must go beyond that.. God does not reject anyone who is in search for Him. You will find God if you shall search for Him with all your heart. Your mind has to stay in God. God is saying , I want to do great work in you. It’s not the work of destruction but the work of transformation. Transforming will bring an enlightenment. God leads in the path of righteousness. Righteous walk with God will take you away from low life to a higher living, where you will shine brighter and brighter. All you need is to walk with God in uprightness, He will teach you how to profit in life where you will operate in an excellent spirit, creativity and wisdom.  Life was created to be profitable. The wisdom of God for creativity and solution delivery will be manifesting constantly through you. Awake to righteousness and like a good solder, endure whatever manner of hardness that will arise. Look into your life, whatever that hinders you from experiencing God’s very best this year should be removed. Every manifestation of God attracts temptation from hell. God will manifest His glory upon His children. You must watch out for Delilahs and Jezebels so you don’t fall into their traps. Glorious things will showcase in your life. Start a new journey with God this year.  Say “No” to anything that will obstruct your glory and honour. Engage in a committed service, prayer, dedication, consecration, Holiness and obedience to God, you will enjoy divine acceleration. Grace is released upon you. Practical holiness will result to your wholeness. Fresh fire will come upon you that will set ablaze every form of immorality, idolatry, adversaries, lukewarmness and stagnation.  At the end of it all, you will say “Thank You Lord”. You shall see the glory of the LORD. You’re destined to be above only where you will matter so much.