Beloved, you are welcome to the presence of God. As you consecrate your life to the Lord you will operate in high spiritual velocity. Sanctification begins at the new birth and ends at death. It occurs as the believer is influenced and changed by the Holy Spirit through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word. As principles for living and for service are revealed, the believer’s mind is renewed and willingly he modifies his conduct. Thus, he is made holy, set apart for God or sanctified, contrary to others without the influence of God’s Word in their lives. Believers who live by Christ’s teachings are different from those who do not. This distinction is the direct result of the sanctification process. The level of sanctification however is not the same for all, even within the same congregation. A believer, who continues to hear biblical teaching and practices what he hears, will become more aware of God’s purposes for his life, and his communion with his heavenly Father will grow continually. He will live the life of true righteousness and holiness. The process of sanctification by the Word and the Spirit of God is essentially the same for all believers, provided that sound and anointed teachings are from God’s word the Bible  Consecration, on the other hand, though a biblical mandate for all believers, is nonetheless personal. Every person’s character and life’s circumstances are different and what is required of one may not be of another. Like sanctification, consecration for service begins with a conscious desire and dedication to serve, and continues with self-denial and sacrifices by giving up personal pursuits due one’s divine calling. When motivated by God’s love, a true disciple will dedicate himself to the cause of the Gospel and to the expansion of God’s Kingdom. As he matures, he will deliberately prioritize his life according to divine order. Because of his calling, and the ministry entrusted to him, and due to his personal dedication to Christ, his past preoccupations and previous life style will undergo radical and permanent changes. His steps will be then truly ordered of God. Professions, habits, relationships and anything that may constitute an obstacle to service will be set aside. In so doing, his consecration will open new level of understanding and greater capacity to minister to others. The Lord of Glory will sanctify your spirit , soul and body and make vessel of honour that will change your story forever.