Beloved, you’re welcome to the presence of God. God’s presence makes the difference. It’s a place of Worship, Praise, Revelation, unconditional love, diverse healings, miracles take place, sins are forgiven, lives are changed, prayers are answered, truth is revealed, deliverance takes place, freedom to the oppressed, curses turn to blessing and impossible becomes possible dreams and visions are realized.  It is a place where the immortal meet with the mortal. All things are possible to him that believe. It takes your faith in God to receive all that He had for you. This is your moment of change. Thank God for giving us access into His presence. His love towards mankind is great  which He displayed in sending Jesus into the world for our sake. It worth’s praising and thanking God for His awesome love. He sacrificed His son Jesus as a propitiation for your sin. He has forgiven you all your sins. Accept God’s love and enter into a relationship with Him. He is not angry  with you. He is stretching His hand of Love, Mercy and Kindness to you. Not because He needed anything but because He wants to bless you. Make a decision right now  to enter into a loving and blessed relationship with Him. As you turn to God with your heart and make Jesus the Lord of your life, you shall experience the wonders of God in your life.  It’s your winning season. It’s your time to experience a better life. With God, your dreams can  be achieved, hope will be restored and prayers will be answered. The big God can handle and take care of all your problems. He wants to do it right now.  Lift up your heart and hands unto Him. His power will raise you up and bring you into glory to His name. In this season, the Lord will visit you, great things will happen to you and your life will be glorious. God’s visitation will definitely bring a positive change in your life. The birth of Jesus Christ was a necessity to give us all what we need to get through each day, without a drink, or a drug, nor a mind-bending medication and not chaos and bedlam, but actually “peace on earth and goodwill to men”.  Receive  love, joy and peace that God send to all humanity as we celebrate with one another the Love of God. While the masses may bury the Gospel truth under gifts, trees, tinsel and lights, the fact remains that Christ is  the reason for the season. Praise be to the King of kings in the person of Our Lord Jesus Christ.