Beloved, everything begins and end in God. Your life started with God and will end up in God’s presence. Have you considered your relationship with the Almighty, your creator. What do you think about Him? How is your relationship with Him? Do you fellowship with Him? Have you thought of the reason you were created? Have you asked yourself ” why am I alive today? What is the difference between me and the dead people? God has been good to you. He is giving you an opportunity to know Him and enter into an intimate relationship with Him. A day will come this opportunity will be over. What are you going to do on that day when you will stand in the presence of God to give account of what you have done on earth. What do you think God will tell you?  You will surely end up in the presence of God, and there you will find out that ETERNITY is what matter most. What matters most is where you are going to spend YOUR LIFE FOREVER, ETERNAL LIFE. All other things you have been chasing or have acquired in this life will be disconnected from you one day. Life is good if we put our priorities well. We can have good things of this life and still enjoy eternal life with God. But God must come first before other things of life. Salvation through Jesus Christ is the only visa that will take you to eternal life of glory. Every day is a gift of God to you. Spend it in doing what pleases God. As you go on in your daily activities and in the pursuit of your dreams, take God with you. Salvation is bigger than every other thing may have accomplished in life. Let your life witness unto Jesus. Wisdom demand that you Follow the pathway of righteousness. Sow the seed of God’s Word to yourself and others and renew your mind daily with the WORD of GOD. As you do that, fear will disappear, carnality will give way to spirituality, the fruit of the Spirit will overshadow your life and joy unspeakable full of glory will be your portion.  Everything answers to God’s Word.  Stay in God’s Word.