Dear Brethren, God has provided all the blessings you may need in your life. They are all in your born-again spirit. You need to learn how to appropriate them to manifest in your life. Despite God’s blessings, God wants fellowship with you. He wants you to know Him intimately. It takes humility and obedience. It needs to be pointed out that if believers in Christ become humble themselves with the motive of seeking to be exalted, then they are not truly fulfilling Jesus’ command and will not reap the reward promised. God doesn’t want us to live in hypocrisy. Hypocrisy is an attitude or motive Matthew 21:23 and many people today have taken on religious mannerisms that appear to be humility but in truth are “Pharisaisms” In Jesus days, He disliked the hypocrisy of the scribes and Pharisees, He detailed the main characteristics of hypocrites. Hypocrites don’t practice what they say (Matt 23:3-4), they always seek self-glory instead of seeking to glorify God (Matt 23:5-7), they have their priorities wrong (Matt 23:16-24), they focus on outward show instead of the inner condition of the heart (Matt 23:25-28), and they always persecute the true worshipers of God (Matthew 23:29-35).  As a believer and a follower of Jesus Christ, serve God with an honest and true heart. Our motives in doing things matters a lot to God.  It is not always the acts that are wrong, but if the motivations behind those acts are wrong, those motives can make one a hypocrites too. We should always do things that would bring honour to God and not to direct praise and adoration to our self. Being God focused is a sign of humility. God should be our focus in all our services. It shows that we are dependent on God and not seeking the approval of men. Humility results to honour. If one elevates himself, it is possible that it may not last long. Serving God demands humility of spirit. It is a strong trust in God. The church of God should learn and adhere to the humility of Jesus and live that way. Humility is not weakness but submission to God and His Word. The world wants to see Jesus’ life manifesting in our lives. God’s way of exalting His people comes through humility and servanthood to others. Christ’s humility is not only a lesson in Christology but also an example to all believers of what greatness in God’s kingdom entails. God has already exalted Jesus and given Him a name above every other name.  In this season of Lifting, The Lord will lift you from shame to honour, sickness to health, fear to faith, sin to righteousness, sorrow to joy and curses to blessings.