Beloved, God has blessed you with life. Life is a gift from God. It is not something to be taken for granted. It is something to cherish and appreciate God for it. As you join and participate in our service today, with an open heart, you will encounter God in an unusual way that you can never forget. God accept everyone who comes to Him. As you draw closer to the Lord , God will draw closer to you. He will touch your life and heal your wounds. An encounter with God changes life. It removes reproach, lift up burdens, gives joy, eliminate sorrow, empowers, brings deliverance, build faith, resurrect hope, awakes our spirit man, give birth to miracles and usher a person into a new realm, of innovation, great ideas, unchallenging wisdom, working knowledge, fruitful life, overflowing blessing and renewal of mind. What matters most to God is a Relationship that is committed to growth. Whatever life demands can be found in God. Serving and obeying God is a prove of love to God. God has a bigger plan for you. Faith in God is very important. If we cannot trust the almighty God who loved us unconditionally who can we trust. You have much to thank God for. There is hope for you. God preserved you from all harm. The agenda of God in your life will come to pass. Thou you have challenges, be of good cheer, those challenges will result to your greatness. Don’t loose heart, keep the faith.  Your faith in Jesus Christ cannot be wasted. God is releasing an oil of praise on you. You shall no more suffer a breakdown again. The Lifter will lift you up from grass to Grace. Stand strong, push on, your work shall be rewarded. Be excited and know that it is your time to be THANKFUL TO GOD for seeing you through in all issues of life.