Month of Peace, Joy and Rest

Life in this world goes with different challenges. Problem, trouble worry and struggles have affected many lives seriously that peace and joy have vanished from them. Being a Christians does not exempted you from these struggles. But there is a God who can help us handle our challenges. Not only can He handle our problems but He can give us true peace and joy that cannot be fathom. You can turn your troubles and challenges unto God and He will help you solve them. Material possession, fame, status, good career can only offer temporary joy and peace but true joy and peace can only be found in the Lord Jesus Christ. Peace and joy are not dependent upon circumstances. It is a state of mind, not a state of being. You can rejoice and be victorious in every situation if you focus your eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ, believe in Him and apply His teachings. God want to give you rest from all your struggles so that you can enjoy true peace. Peace can come when we relate to God on the basis of faith in what Jesus did for us instead of what we do for God. The only way we can experience true peace is through being reconciled to God by grace. Grace and peace always go together. Those who are in Christ are assured of true peace and joy which only God gives.