Month of Wisdom

Ex 31:3-4, Deut 4:6,34:9, 1 Kg 4:29-30, 10:24, 2 Chr 1:12, Job 12:13, 28:18,20, 28,36:5, Prov 4:5,7, Eccl 9:16-18, Isa 11:1, Lk 2:40,52, Matt 13:54, Eph 1:8,3:10, Col 3:2, James 1:5, 3:14-17. God is the God of Wisdom. He created heaven, earth and every other thing with His Wisdom. Your life of glory is determined by the wisdom by which you operate. Wisdom is what it takes to discern the right thing and do the right thing. Wisdom is profitable. No wisdom, no profit. Am not just talking about natural wisdom but Godly wisdom. Wisdom builds and promote. Wisdom is in the person of Jesus Christ. The Bible is called the wisdom book. Embrace wisdom and your glory and honour will be your portion. No one who have operated or operating in the wisdom of God ends up in shame. Wisdom edifies. Our continuous problem is a function of lack of Godly wisdom and putting them into action. All life’s problem is a wisdom matter. Get wisdom and with it get understanding and your journey in this life will become better. Since creation, the wisdom of God has always been visited upon the earth through human vessels. The Bible is rich in examples of feats of exploits and conquests through the manifestation of the wisdom of God by such vessels. Each time these human vessels operated on the wisdom of God, there was always a lifting, a shooting up, and a rising to glory. Every shooting up into prominence of God’s people has always been on the platform of wisdom. Amidst the degradation and frustration of his time, Abraham, by this wisdom of God knew what to do and ended up a successful man. Jacob, manifesting God’s Wisdom through an unusual insight, learnt how to breed cattle according to his needs. Joseph was promoted from the dungeon of Egypt’s prison to the throne. All these and many more were accomplished through the exercise of WISDOM. The time of Wisdom is the time of glory.  Wisdom is walking in the ways of God and God’s approach to every issue of life. It is supernatural ability to bring solution to all matters.