Month of Walking By Faith and Love

Hab 2:4, 2 Cor 5:7, Rom 1:17, Hab 1:, Heb 11:1-6, Gal 5:6, 22, Deut 10:12, Eph 5:2, 2 John 1:6 . God is the God of faith. Life of Faith is what pleases God. If you cannot please God, then the essence of your Christianity is defeated. Every act of God is done by faith. We are living in a world that are prone to five senses mentality. There is nothing wrong with them, they have their own merits. Faith is the life that values God’s promises, sees the unseen, and perseveres to the end. God’s dealing with humanity is based on faith. Faith that looks to God, laughs at impossibilities and cries “it shall be done” The reason is because you cannot see God. God lives in the realms of the spirit. We can see and know God by the things He created. The followers of God do operate in faith. Therefore, christian walk is by faith. Faith is to a christian what oxygen is to the living. Faith is the force behind a Christian. You cannot afford to be a faithless Christian. Faith is God’s instrument for liberation. All we can enjoy as Christian came by grace but the vehicle that brings and delivers them to us is faith. Faith is the evidence of what we cannot see physically. Therefore, faith is what we live everyday. It is our walk. It has great reward. All blessings Jesus provided to us such as forgiveness of sin, healing, deliverance and prosperity are accessible and obtainable through faith. Take your faith walk and you will enjoy the blessings of salvation. Your faith work will be rewarded. What God looks for in the life of a believer is faith working through love. Faith is complete dependence on God and His Word which is prompted by love. Faith provides unshakeable evidence that the unseen, spiritual blessings of Christianity are absolutely certain and real.  Faith that works by love is a genuine faith.