Month of the Holy Spirit anointing, Power & Might

1 Sam 10:6, Isa 10:27, 61:1-3, Zech 4:1-6,  Judges 6:14, Psalm 45:7, 62:11, 89: 20-22, 92:10, 105:15, 110:2-3, Lk 1:35, 4:14, Act 10:38, 1 John 2:20,27 God has given us a picture of a golden church. We are now in the actual generation that the world is waiting for. No one can enter into this glory by his own power or might. It will be performed by the unbeatable power of the Spirit of God. Our access into these days of possessing our possession is the function of anointing and unction of the Holy Spirit. Behind every exploits in the kingdom of God is the anointing of the Holy Spirit. When it operates in a man, he becomes an unquestionable force never to be ignored in any field of life. The unction of the Holy Spirit is what guarantees motion in life. Without the Holy Spirit, you are going nowhere. The anointing of the Holy Spirit destroys and levels every mountain on your way, to create a highway of prominence, glory and honour for you. Your possession will be determined by the anointing of the Holy Spirit available to you. Receive unction to function properly. The Holy Spirit is the power base and reservoir of a believer. It’s your time to be filled with God’s Spirit in order to impact and influence your society both spiritually and physically. The anointing is not a feeling but a force. Nothing gets down without it. Anointing provides solutions to every human problem no matter its intensity and long history. The anointing is the fuel you require to take off on a journey. There is no power that can withstand the Might and Spirit of God. Therefore, by the power of the Holy at work in you, your obstacles will turn to miracles, barriers to breakthrough, reproach to honour, sickness to health, poverty to riches, weakness to strength, failure to success, disobedient to obedient, pride to humility and sin to righteous living. The anointing transforms. It turns one into another man. The Power of the Holy Spirit will make the Word of God come alive in you and wonders will be seen.