Month of Thanksgiving

Ps 100:4, 107:22, Jer 30:19, Isa 51:3, 1 Cor 15:57, Heb 13:15, Col 4:2, Rev 11:17,  2 Thess 2:13, Col 1:12, Phil 4:6

We are bound to give quality thanks to God this year as never before. A lot happened this year. Almost everybody was affected. Many experienced bad things, lives were lost, means of livelihood disappeared in a twinkle of eye, relationships were affected, jobs vanished, businesses closed, economy affected, enjoyment was bitter, poverty increased, health hazard becomes a norm, domestic violence and abuse increased, anger mounted, demonstration was consistence, mistrust increased, medical department over-burdened, but thank God, we are still standing strong, hopeful and safe. Giving thanks to God  is not a suggestion but a command that has outstanding reward. It makes the giver to enjoy certain benefits that is foreign to ungrateful people. Thanksgiving is an expression of appreciation and gratefulness. It is one of the tools to a colourful life. Giving thanks add values to our lives. It puts one into a realm of unending triumph and effortless victory.  Thanksgiving to God is prayer, and it is a very important part of prayer. Our lives are thanksgiving to the Lord. Giving thanks is totally unselfish action and is a key to relationship with the Father that makes us “whole”.