Month of Supernatural Encounter

Gen 32:24-30, Judges 6:22-24,  Jer 1:6-10,  John 4:7-21, Acts 9:3-5, 12:1-11. There’s no one who has an encounter with God and remain the same. An encounter with God always produce an undeniable change or result. We all need supernatural touch in our lives and situations. Even if you don’t need it  today, you will need it tomorrow. Life is not always straight. Sometimes, when you want to go right, you see yourself moving to the left. When the supernatural touches the natural, the natural is revived. God does supernatural work. The creation is the supernatural work of God. We are to live a supernatural life where the natural has less resistance on us. A Christian life is a supernatural life. When Jacob encountered the supernatural, his life and situation changed. An encounter with the supernatural breaks barriers and limitations of life and elevate a person into the realms of undeniable change. God is a supernatural God and moves in the realms of supernatural. Every act of God is a supernatural act. An encounter with the supernatural God will break yokes, remove burdens, turn ordinary men to supernatural men, opens the door of destiny, remove mountains, heal the sick and turn curses to blessing. Your supernatural encounter with God this month will set you on high level. You will not miss your time. You will be among the few that will operate in the supernatural power of God as a witness to the GOSPEL