Month of Stepping Out in Faith

Hab 2:4 Matt 9:22 Mk 11:22  Heb 11:3,6 Lk 1:45, 2 Cor 5:7, 1 John 5:4

God is the God of FAITH. All the actions of God has it’s root in faith. God rewards Faith. It is faith that pleases God. Faith is the master key to the world of unlimited possibilities. We must operate in the FAITH OF God which is a spiritual force that can produce undeniable results. Faith is a mystery that empowers us to gain mastery over situation. Faith convert the Word to Power which gives birth to Victory. Every situation is reversible by the Faith of God. At the new birth, we were given the gift of  supernatural of Faith of God which enabled us to believe and it gave birth to our new birth {Salvation}. Therefore everyone at new birth is given the same measure of Faith. It is the responsibility of everyone to build , grow his faith and use it. There is giant in every man’s promised land that must be beaten down and overthrown. It will take faith to disarm and overthrow your giant. All men and women that were heralded as champions were people who operated in faith. As a Christian, we all have faith and God expect us to use it to serve Him and others. As we put our faith based on the knowledge of God’s Word into action, our faith becomes active and produce results. It is not more faith that we need, but rather we need to put the faith we already have into action. The problem is not that we don’t have faith, but rather we don’t know how to use our faith because of lack of renewing our MIND. FAITH of the Son of God is already in you, use it.