Month of Seeking God, Prayer and Fresh Power

Jer 29:13 Psalm 32:8-9, 2 Chr 26:5 Lk 18:1 Psalm 27: 4,8 , 92:10 Acts 10:38, 1 Sam 10:6 Judges 14:19 Mk 1:35 Phil 4:6-7 Col 4:2-3

Seeking God’s direction, guidance, wisdom and leading is the first thing in the school of success. We all want to succeed this year. It is important that we seek the Lord with our heart, we shall find Him. God is not far from us only we must acknowledge Him and allow Him to take control. Once we turn completely to God, He will let us know His plans and empower us by His Spirit to carry them out. God will guide your decisions and order your steps. Seek God through prayer and His Word. The power, fire and anointing of the Holy Spirit will equip you for the journey this year. The Holy Spirit will overshadow your life and make you a wonder. Through God, you will enjoy good health, be established, have your needs met, climb higher, possess your possession, overcome challenges, escape the arrows of the wicked, ride higher in the faith, grow in the knowledge and wisdom of God, be strong and do exploits. Let Holy Spirit of God take control of your life. You will shine.