Month of Resurrection

Job 22:29 Matt 27:53, 28:6-7, John 11:24-25, 1 Cor 15:13-14, 21, 42, Phil 2:10-11, Rev 20:6.  Resurrection is the bedrock of our “ Christian Faith”. If there is no resurrection there can be no salvation. Jesus died for our sin and God raised Him up for our “ JUSTIFICATION”. The Resurrection of Christ shows that God has forgiven our sin and has called us into a new life and  relationship with Him that will lead to eternal glory. Unless a seed fall down and die it abided alone. Jesus was the only son of God but after the resurrection anyone who believed in Jesus and follow Him has become son of God. Resurrection is to bring something that is dead back to life. It is the power that rescues the souls of men. It is the victory of every believer. It is an end to enmity with God to those who believe. It is the translation from kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light. It is deliverance from curses to blessings. It is the last hope to humanity. It is our freedom from satanic operation. It is our victory over death. Without resurrection Christ ministry on earth ends in defeat and disillusionment. The resurrection culminates the passion narrative in all four Gospels because it is at the center of redemption itself. Without it, one can only pity Jesus as a dead martyr whose lofty ideals were sadly misunderstood. With it, one must stand in awe of the exalted Messiah, the Son of the living God, who gave His life as a ransom for many, who presently reigns at God’s right hand, and who will one day return in glory to fix this broken world.  Jesus is not a dead martyr to be pitied, but a living, reigning, returning Lord to be loved and emulated, both in present suffering and in future reward. In this era of RESSURECTION; There is no situation that is capable of burying your destiny. If God raised Christ from the dead, you too can be raised up from anything that looks dead. The Power of the Holy Spirit will raise you  up into a new life of unlimited resources, overflowing joy, abundant grace and great power.