Month of Prosperity and Abundance

Job 36:11 Ps 35: 27, Ps 118:25, Eccl 7:14, Jer 33:6,9, Zech 1:17, 3 John 1:2 , 1 Cor 16:2, Deut 28:47, Isa 60:5, 2 Cor 8:9, 2 Cor 9:8. God want to bless you with prosperity and abundance. No father would want his children to live in poverty or suffer lack. God promised to bless us with prosperity and abundance for the purpose of His kingdom. The pages of Scripture are full of references of God as the loving and Heavenly Father who wants to give you His best—everything you could ever need. God’s prosperity is not limited to material things but in every area spirit, soul and body. God want to bless you in every possible way; in your career, business, family, finances, marriages, children, health, and spiritual life. Based on these potent words describing the majestic scope of God’s prosperity, it’s clear that the abundant life (John 10:10) includes much more than material wealth. If critics would recognize the totality of God’s desire to bless us, it would be much more difficult for them to reject the prosperity message as being unbalanced, self-serving, or materialistic. If you don’t believe in God’s prosperity, it’s unlikely you will receive His prosperity. Why? Because faith is an indispensable key to receiving the promises of God. The prosperity message is actually just an extension of what the Bible says about the loving nature of our Heavenly Father. One of His core traits is that He’s a GIVER, as we’re told in John 3:16 and a multitude of other verses. You shall have all-inclusive prosperity. You shall live in your land of “more than enough”. You shall prosper beyond measure. It’s a new dawn for you.