Month of Praise and Thanksgiving

2 Sam 22:30, Psalm 50:14, 92:1-2, 100:1-3, Isa 51:3, Jer 30:19, Amos 4:5, Jonah 2:9, Phil 4:6-8, Col 3:17, 1 Thess 5:18, Heb 13:15, Rev 4:12. It is always good to give thanks and praises to the Eternal God of glory. Thanksgiving is an attitude express in various ways. Thanksgiving is the debt everyone owes to God. Our expression of gratitude towards God and His awesome goodness is what we refer as thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is an appreciation and recognition of what God has done in your life. He never leaves nor forsakes you. God has been with you in all your situations and circumstances and He is still with you and will continue to be with you performing wonders in your life. He led you beside the still waters. He kept you by His power. He blessed you with life, peace, joy, wisdom, ideas, innovation, health, strength and all the good things you experienced this year. The Holy Spirit led you all the way to victory. God preserved you and your loved ones. Thanksgiving is not what we do one time. It should be a way of life to all believers. It guarantees the continuous flow of unending blessing and God’s intervention. God comes down to take charge when praise is given to Him. Praise is a spiritual weapon that opens prison doors, set captives free and execute vengeance upon the heathen. It is a weapon we use to wage war. Whosever give praise honours God. The grace of praise will rest on you that you will never know any sorrow again. It’s time to give THANKS to the LORD OF LIFE ana GLORY.