Month of Possessing your Possession

 Gen 17:8, 34:10, 47:11, Lev 14:34, 25:13, Deut 1:21,2:24, Jos 1:15, 22:4, Obadiah 1:17, Eph 1:14.

Every human being has a God given possession that was there before he was born. God is  rich and has inheritance for all His children. As a born-again believer, there are so many things we are pleading and begging God to do which we ought not if we have the knowledge of what God has provided for us through Grace. Ignorance has kept many Christians away from their possession and their inheritance. Though the possessions are there but it takes an adequate knowledge of knowing what is there for you and how to receive them. There are many things we are begging God today to give us which we only need to know there are ours and not begging God to give them to us. There is something you own which you are not aware of. Ignorance is not an execus. It is time we ask the Holy Spirit who is the custodian of God’s blessings to open our eyes of knowledge and understanding so that we can take advantage of what have been provided for us. In God’s kingdom, there are great possession for all. Only those who are aware of them enjoys the benefit. The kingdom of God is the kingdom of abundant wealth and riches. God has given us all that we need. In Christ, we are complete. We need to see from God’s perspective, see God’s promises, see God’s purposes, and possess our possessions. Your possession is everything God has made available for me through the sacrificial offering of Jesus Christ such as salvation, deliverance, healing, prosperity, long life, breakthrough, love, grace, favour and all blessings. In this season the power of God will help you to take what belong to you. You will take the step of faith in the right direction that will make you a man and woman to be envied. By Grace, you are taking back what is rightful yours.