Month of Peace, Joy and Rest

Isa 26:3,12 , 2 Thess 3:16 Ps 16:11 Isa 55:12 Col 1:11 Gal 5:22 2 Sam 7:1,11 Heb 4:3, John 16:33

Our God is the God of peace and He gives peace. The world is going through a serious trouble, battle, problem or challenge called COVID 19. The situation has affected the world, families and changed many lives in a bad way. Some have lost loved ones, means of their livelihood, treasures, job, money and et cetera. But in such situation, we need God’s intervention to overcome it. The God of peace will help humanity. Our God has ordained peace for us. Peace in your life, health, family, career business, home, and everything that is connected to you. As the world is going through distress, agony, turmoil and perplexity, God’s guaranteed peace with His people.. God has called us into peace. He will establish His peace in your life. The joy of the Lord will be your mark. Your Peace and Joy shall not be taken away by any thing. The Lord shall give thee rest in all your struggles. Your life and home shall be free from tension. You will be a strength and encouragement to those who are in trouble. God’s peace shall touch the whole world and life shall return back to its fullness. I pray that you will have the peace, Joy and rest from the Lord. Receive the peace of God and let the Joy of the Lord fill your heart. The Lord continue to strengthen you and restore all that you lost. Peace of the Lord be with you and the world in general. I pray for God’s peace for the whole world. Shalom.