Month of God’s Visitation

Gen 21:1, 1 Sam 2:21, Job 10:12, Lk 1:68, 78, Matt 1:21, Rom 10:13, Jn 3:16

Anytime there is a visit of a king to any community, it brings unforgettable experience. Kings do not visit anyhow. Their visits have great impact and bring changes. The King of kings, the Holy God, the creator of heaven and earth chose to be born as a human being to bring an end the separation that sin brought between man and God This historic birth of Jesus Christ by a virgin called Mary brought a new era of Grace and forgiveness. It is a time of joyful celebration to all humanity. God’s visitation on earth through the virgin birthday of His only begotten Son Jesus Christ brought and made the way to an awesome salvation, redemption, reconciliation and restoration of man to the Living God possible. Jesus Christ is the reason for us celebrating God’s awesome love and kindness. Thank God for this season of celebration of Christ being born in the manger by the virgin Mary for the redemption of man. It is worth celebrating. Christ is the reason for the season. Let us adore the Son of God who gave His life as a ransom for our sin. Through Christ and His redemptive work, we are forgiven and accepted by the living God. Accept and receive Christ’s offer and gift of salvation. Let this celebration continue forever in your life. God has come down to earth to help us in our troubles, challenges and problems so that we can have abundant life.