Month of Glory and Honour

Exo 33:18, 1Chr 16:27, Ps 21:5, Dan 5:18, Lk 2:9, Rom 2:10,  2 Cor 3:18, Eph 1:12,17, 1Thess 2:12, 1Tim 1:17, 1 Pet 5:4, 10, 2 Pet 1:3, Rev 4:11. Every real glory and honour has its source in God. God is the God of glory and honour. The earth is filled with the glory of God. All God’s creations have distinct glory. Heaven is a place of glory and honour. God crowned man with His glory, honour and placed Him in charge and above all His creation. But this glory was lost  to sin. However, God has restored it by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross. There is overwhelming splendid and beauty destined for everyone. Sometimes, in the place of glory and honour one begins to experience shame and defeat. That’s not the plan of God for anyone. God designed us to be the praises of His glory. Does your life reflect God’s glory? Does your life experience honour that is meant for you? God doesn’t want you to live your life in jeopardy. He wants you to live in true glory. It is possible when you turn to God then God will take away whatever that represent shame and disgrace in your life. With God nothing shall be impossible. It’s possible through the power of God for you to enjoy glory and honour in your home, marriage, career, aspiration, dreams, goals, spiritual and physical life. The glory of the Lord is coming on you making you a force to reckon with. See glory