Month of Fruitfulness

Gen 1:28, 9:7, Exo 1:7, Psalm 92:12-15, Matt 7:17-20, 21:34, John 15:1-8, Phil 1:11, Col 1:10, Titus 3:14, James 3:18. God’s  command to man after creation is “be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth”. That command is still at work today. Fruitfulness is a sign of life. Life void of fruitfulness is accompanied with sorrow and grief. Jesus emphatically testified that a tree is known by it’s fruit. Jesus is the vine. The life of the vine spread to the branches that brings fruit. Jesus affirmed that “the Father is glorified to see His children bearing not just fruit but much fruit”. As a believer in Christ Jesus, it is the WILL of the Father God that you bear much fruit. Are you a fruit-barren believer or a fruit-bearing believer. Your testimony and witness as a follower and a disciple of Jesus comes as a result of your fruit-bearing. Fruit-bearing gives the farmer joy. It encourages him to do much. He goes as far of pruning it to bring much fruits. But the one that is not bearing fruit is a wasted effort to the owner. God has invested so much on you and He expects much fruit from your life. “To whom much is given much is expected”. The Power of the Holy Spirit is at work in your life. That power when cooperated and responded to produced spiritual, mental, material and physical fruit. The days of barrenness is over. Christ died for us to bring much fruit of repentance. Our fruit-bearing testifies the power of God at work in us. The fruit consist of love, effectiveness, wisdom, good health, material prosperity, children, progress, peace, favor. You have all it takes to bear fruit as God’s child in all areas of your calling. God’s Grace upon your life cannot be in vain. From now onward, every effort and labor you put will begin to yield fruit. Fruit-bearing  continue to increase