Month of Fresh Power and Anointing

God Behind every exploits in the kingdom is the power of God. You can never accomplish much as a Christian until you are endured with power from on high.  has something good for you this year. Everyone born of God is an overcomer and is destined to live a triumphant life. However, there is what you must encounter to live these triumphant life and that is the ANOINTING. The anointing is heaven’s treasure. When a person receives it,he becomes precious, his frustrations ends, he explodes in power and turn his world upside down. The anointing is meant to make you a man or woman of exploits in whatever area you’re called. Anointing destroy yokes, remove burdens, strains, eradicates stress and guarantees triumphant living. Your destination is not sure without the unction of the Holy Spirit. When anointing comes upon you, you are upgraded to a new level. The Holy Spirit upon a person is what we call anointing. You cannot ignore an anointed man. By the coming of fresh ANOINTING upon you, your journey this year shall end in glory, you will dominate the region of darkness, subdue your enemies and accomplish great fest . I decree over your life, You shall make great impact, accomplish great things and have good success. The power of God will come upon you, you shall race with corresponding energy and speed and obtain a glorious crown.