Month of Fresh Anointing, Power and Might

Psalm 110:1-3, Judges 6:14, 15:14, Zech 4:6-7, 1 Sam 10:6, 10-11, Isa10:27, 61:1-3, Luke 1:35, 4:14 Acts 1:8, 10:38, 1John 2:27. Everyone needs an anointing of God to successfully carry out His assignment. Anointing releases power and might to fulfill a task. There is a great task ahead of you this year. There are things you want to achieve. The anointing is the fuel you require to take off. The anointing is the fundamental requirement for the take off and eventual execution of any commission. The anointing transforms. It turns one into another man. The anointing is the force of the power and might of God operating in an individual. It is the power of the Holy Spirit. It is an enabler. It is the power that makes the Word of God to perform.  The anointing is the downpour of rain from heaven. It destroys every obstacle and takes away barriers. The anointing to execute your assignment will come upon you and you will be a person to be celebrated. We are in the days of God’s power of undeniable manifestation. You must not be left out. When strength is directed to accomplish a given task, it becomes power. Power is ability to do work. The ability is strength, the turning of the ability into action is called power. God is  equipping you. With divine provision for triumphant living. The anointing is what brings an end to struggling and ushers a man into an era of sweatless triumphs. The Anointing is the empowering of the Holy Spirit for supernatural accomplishments. It is the Holy Spirit at work in a person producing extraordinary results. This anointing will move you forward, protect, strenthen, break yokes and erase any form of shame in your life.