Month of Flourishing

Every farmer or sower rejoices to see his labour or effort thriving thereby having the courage to do more. God is prosperous and successful God. His labour from the first day of creation kept flourishing until He finished. God wants your labour or effort to flourish. He wants your life to get better. Lack of flourishing life and effort may lead to despair, discouragement, anger, sickness, disappointment and untimely death. That is not the WILL of God for your life. God’s WILL for you is to get better, successful and flourishing. A conducive atmosphere is necessary for flourishing. In God, one can find such healthy condition to thrive.  For Christians, the notion of “flourishing” goes much deeper than the standard cultural definitions. It’s not just “the good life”it’s the way life was meant to be. When God finished creating the world He said it was, “Very good.”  His intent for his creation was for it to flourish. As part of God’s creation, being made in His image, we feel this desire for flourishing deep in our bones. Human flourishing is in fact a key biblical theme woven through the whole canon, one which, when recognized, explains and enhances some foundational aspects of the Bible’s testimony, including the very nature and goal of God’s redemption for us in Christ, who, after all, promises us eternal and abundant life. It’s your time to flourish.