Month of Establishment

Gen 17: 7-8, Ex 6:4, Lev 26:9 Deut 28 :9, 29:13, 1 Sam 24:20 Ps 89:21, Rom 1:11 Col 2:7 Heb13 :9, 2 Pet 1:12 .God wants to establish you that you naturally become like mountain Zion that cannot be removed. Until you are made solid and firm, you will not achieve your glorious destiny. God is in the business of establishing His church and His people; making them to be an attraction to the world. The days of ridicule of the church is over. The church will ride on the wings of glory that will attract unbelievers, that they would say “ We want to serve your God”. The power of the Lord will establish your life, business, career, marriage, your family, children, offspring, job and make you an envy of the world. There is no storm that can bring you down. You are strong and built-up in God. While the world may be experiencing break-down, you will be riding so high because you are established in righteousness by the God of heaven and earth. Whatever in you that is shaken will be fixed and made stable, firm and solid. The power of the Lord is already at work in you and His church; and that will make you stand the test of time. A new you will emerge strong, rooted and established in all ramifications. God has established His covenant of goodness and mercy with you. God established the kingdom of David and made him to enjoy unending honor. God established heaven and earth and it remains despite all the atrocities going on. So also will you be established for the glory of the Lord. You’re the righteous, be strong. A new door is opened unto you.