Month of Divine Intervention, Wonders & Open doors

Gen 7:11 Num 22:31 Isa 22:22 Job 9:10 Acts 9:36 Dan 3:24-28 6:21 Ex 14:10-22 

Sometimes life does not go as planned. We are living in a world that is unpredictable. Things can go in a different direction. It comes to a time in life when we need God to step into a situation and turn things around. God does give us burden, He carries our burden. He can handle any situation. God’s urgent response to crises is what we call Divine intervention. God intervens in human lives daily. Whatever door of blessing that has been shut against you shall be opened by the power of God. Our world needs the intervention of God. His divine intervention in situation has earned Him respect even among the skeptics who refuse to believe in Him. When He steps into any situation, all the Pharoahs and Nebuchadnezzars are helpless and put to shame. They will release whatsoever they are holding. It doesn’t  matter what situation you find yourself, God wants to intervene and change that situation. God hears and answer the call of people even in their worst state. You can call on the God of heaven and earth. He is not far from you. Just acknowledge that He is there. Invite Him in your situation and your situation will change. He will turn your ashes to beauty. God’s divine intervention gives birth to miracles, wonders, healings, favour, direction and change of situation. The fingerprints of God’s divine intervention can be seen in our world.  We are constantly surrounded by divine intervention, even when we are ignorant of it.  We will never know all of the times and all of the ways God intervenes in our lives. Divine intervention can come  in the form of a miracle,  healing and seemingly random event which directs us towards God’s Will. It is yiour turn to experience divine intervention. You will see God’s hand.