Month of Divine Help and Favour

Gen 18:3, Exo 11:3, 1 Sam 2:26, 7:12, 2Chr 14:11, 26:7, Job 10:12, Ps 30:7, 54:5, 121:1-2, Prov 8:35, Acts 2:47, 26:22, Lk 2:52, 2 Cor 1:24, Heb 13:6. We all need God’s help. Have you been in a situation in your where you cried out “God help me!” Remember God knows all the troubles and problems that you face. Are you facing something which you feel is overwhelming you right now? Throughout history, people have cried out to God in times of distress for help and some are in that situation right now. Sometimes, Pride makes it difficult to admit that we cannot solve a problem or overcome an obstacle, but it is always true that we need God’s help. When a situation becomes so desperate that only God can deliver you, crying out represents total, unconditional surrender to Him and His ways. He sees our tears, shares in our grief, understands our sorrows, and hears our cries of anguish and suffering. Our God is not deaf. He does not turn away from those who cry out to Him seeking comfort and relief. Our cries show that our trust is in Him to act on our behalf. We freely surrender self-will to His perfect, sovereign will. Help will rise up for you. That situation has come to an end. Not only will God help you, He will also favour you. Until you are connected to God that will connect to the right person, struggles continue. God put men in charge as an instrument to favour their fellow men. Jesus accomplished His ministry on the bases of favour with God and man. You need both divine help and favour to enjoy a sweatless triumph in life. When Favour is in place, life becomes enjoyable. Help will locate you. When Favour is out of place, efforts are unfruitful. Favour is what it takes to get to your divine placement in life. Help will be rising up for you. Favour will be envelope you. You shall no more live a life of struggle again. The God who helps men will help you.