Month of Consecration, Holiness / Sanctification

 Exo 28:41, 32:29, Lev 16:32, 2 Chro 29:31, Exo 19:10,22, 29:44-46, Josh 3:5, Prov 14:34, 1 Thess 4:3-4, 2 Thess 2:13, John 17:17, Eph 5:26, 1 Tim 4:12, Heb 12:14, Mal 3:3, James 4:8, 1 Pet 1:15-16.

Holiness is pathway to God’s glory and honor. Every battle is preceded by a trumpet. Every time a trumpet is sounding, it is to prepare you for what lies ahead. Heaven is sounding an alarm. God is blowing a trumpet from heaven to the body of Christ saying when holiness because your way of life, you will be made whole { spirit, soul and body}. I will cause you to excel, and make you shine as the brightness of the firmament, and as the stars of heaven forever and ever. It is time the church rise up from “debris” and her “filth” and taking her glorious place.  When holiness takes a strong grip on everyone in the body of Christ, the rise of the church will be so terrific and undeniable. The beauty  God has packaged for you as His child will emerge on the platform of consecration and holiness. The church will consciously, deliberately, determinedly and choicefully cleanse herself from every filth and debris and lift up her head like the prodigal son and say “No, I will arise and go because Home is sweeter than this pig style”. God is calling everyone to a life of purity. The present day church is pressed down with immorality, covetousness, laziness, idolatry and all forms of filthiness. But God is cleaning the church up and at last the church will arise and take her place Everyone who will embrace the life of holiness will be a practical demonstrator of the beauty and glory of this end-time. The Church of Jesus Christ shall no more be despised. As a priest of God, Put off the dirty garment and put on the holy garment which is created after righteousness. The lifting of anyone in the body of Christ is a function of a righteous living. When righteousness is in place, the church will be exalted high. God has purposed to lift you high, set yourself to purity.