Month of Breakthrough

Gen 32:24, 2 Sam 5:20, 1 Chr 14:11 Job 12:14 Ps 29:4-5, 46:9 Isa 5:5 , Isa 45:2,  Isa 52:9, Isa 54:1-3 Ezekiel 30:18 Micah 2:13 Matt 11:12

God is known by His awesome power. There’s no obstacle He cannot crush. There is no barrier He cannot cross over. Nothing can hinder Him when He wants to take action. He is the Lord of impossibility. What you cannot handle , is too cheap for Him to trash. Sometimes, we face difficulties in our lives. You may even be facing their own obstacle right now. All you need is the GOD OF BREAKTHROUGH. The bulldozing power of God will crush those obstacles and deliver uncontesting victory into your hand. Nothing will escape when God comes into your situation. All those enemies militating against you will surrender. It is your time to be visited by the God of Breakthrough and you shall sing a song of victory. We must invite Him to participate in our problems and situation. You will not only  know Him as the breakthrough God, who will tear your problem to shreds but the God whose action is motivated by LOVE and MERCY. One of the most important breakthrough in our lives is removal of the walls of partition that demarcated us and the LIVING GOD which was broken down by the precious blood of JESUS CHRIST. God removed the SIN barrier because of His GREAT LOVE through the shedding blood of His SON Jesus Christ, therefore is no other obstacle that GOD cannot give us a breakthrough. All you need is to value, esteem and be growing in your relationship with God.