Being a Christian is commitment to Jesus and adherence to His teachings. When you engage consciously in relationship with the True God and committed to it, light breaks forth inside of you and your life shines. God has all it takes for you to advance and make progress in your career. Everyone born of God is born to win. Winning does not exempt you from battles. Our battles are real so also our victories are sure. Believers must be courageous. Courage inspires confrontation, and without confrontation, there is no conquest. Every conqueror will disclose that his fore-most weapon is courage. The moment you loose courage, you have lost the battle. The most supplicated weapons of warfare are useless with courage. A feeble heart produces a weak hands and weary knees. Jesus was a courageous man. He did not allow even the mockery and despise of his enemies to deter him. He displayed courage all the time. We all have a goodly inheritance in Christ Jesus but it will courage to possess them. Oppositions are real, but with courage in God, His Word and His Spirit, you will silence your oppositions. Jesus is the Lion tribe of Judah. Spiritually speaking all Christians belong to that tribe. Lion is the king of the forest. God has redeemed you as kings and priests. You are born again to reign in life in Christ Jesus. It is time to take your stand and showcase your undeniable victory over your enemies. We belong to a kingdom of Lions, so our inherent character of courage and dominion must become very clear to our world. The Church is coming alive to occupy her rightful position and authority and dominion possessing all that rightfully belongs to her. We are no longer living the good things promised by redemption behind for the devil. We are out for the abundant life that Jesus came and delivered to use. Your present position may not be pleasing to you, and your past failures and disappointments may be seeking to frustrate you. But hear the good news “God has not called you to fail; you are more than conqueror”. Devote yourself to God’s Word and the operation of the Spirit of God and your life will advance to a greater height of glory and fruitfulness.