Beloved of God, you’re a creature of destiny. You are called to fulfill a particular purpose. Your life matters a lot. The creator of heaven and earth have established a relationship link with you. There is no need to live without God. God have you in His palm. God has plans for you. They have been there before you were born waiting for you to step into them. It is your duty to discover these plans and step into your divine placement and assignment. Your life have been programmed to affect others in a positive way. You’re special. You’re a pace-setter. Once, you are born-again, you will begin to discover your destiny and how to accomplish them. Make no mistake, you are carrying someone’s blessing. There are people God has destined you to be the source of their blessing. Your condition affects them. It is time to think and make some adjustment. It is time to rise up, step-up and take proper action. The giant inside of you should not be kept redundant. You have access to the divine nature of God here on earth. The resources of God are available to you. Start taking steps from where you are right now. You are of much value in the sight of God. You are a pearl of great price. It cost God the sacrifice of His begotten Son Jesus Christ to redeem you from perdition and slavery. You mean so much to God. You matter a great deal to His eternal purpose, so stop despising yourself. Discover yourself and recover your rightful position. It is a new dawn for you. Take a steps of faith. You have connection with the Almighty. Change your thinking. Open doors are waiting for you. Do something. Take challenges. Step out from your comfort zone. The world is waiting to hear you. Don’t waste no time again. It is now. Faith walk is what it takes. It is the conviction that what God says is true and what He promises will come to pass. Faith brings the future within the present and makes the invisible seen. It is time to walk in the light of God’s blessing. It is your time to shine brighter. Stop looking at the trouble in the world, start looking unto God. God is everywhere, you can succeed wherever are. Take steps, do something. There is untapped treasure in you.