God’s supernatural power is at work in your life. The fall of man in the garden of Eden, made human life a thing of struggle.  Satan is an oppressor to humanity. His goal is to destroy the destiny and the glory of man. Our world today has been seriously affected and destroyed by satanic oppression.  It has been painful and all time struggle. God has been working to bring deliverance and total freedom to us. Oftentimes, the deliverance never take long and man will return back to slavery in the hands of the Devil. There was no man found capable and sinless to bring this oppression to an end. Therefore, God had to send His Son as a sacrificial lamb to pay the penalty that their deliverance required. Jesus sacrificed His life, died on the cross and resurrection on the third after completing the work of Salvation of man. The satanic hold and oppression on man has be destroyed. Those who are bound by this dark powers can now be free. Their freedom come through placing their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone. The effect of satanic oppression in man was enormous but the work of God’s salvation to man  through Jesus Christ is far stronger and more powerful. No man need to be in bondage and oppression of Satan again. God has offered Salvation to all men. You can choose to be free today. Salvation offer us forgiveness of sin, deliverance from satanic oppression, healing of your body and prosperity. You can break away from those bondages. God has done His part of your salvation. Choose to turn your life to Jesus Christ and follow His teachings. The powers that hold you will have no right again in your life. Your life will break forth  like the morning. Only in Jesus Christ you have total freedom. Rise up and begin to enjoy the benefit of your salvation. God want you well and delivered. You don’t have to live in bondage again. Choose God and His way and enjoy a glorious destiny God has for you. Are you bound by any satanic oppression? You don’t have to be in that prison again. Call on the name of Jesus Christ. Believe in His amazing love. You will experience  God’s supernatural power in your life. Freedom is worth fighting for. It only come by your faith, trust and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. God want you to be free so that you can fulfil your God given destiny. Today, the power of the Almighty through Jesus Christ bring deliverance to you, heal your body, bring you prosperity and usher you into a loving and unending relationship with the Father God. It is your turn to experience and enjoy God’s supernatural blessing.