Prosperity is the heritage of a believer in Christ. Christ died to bring us to the garden of Eden where there was no lack but abundant and loving fellowship with God. The first thing God did after creating Adam and Eve was to BLESS them! (Genesis 1:27-38) There were so many other ways He could have begun His relationship with humankind, but He chose to bless them, placing them in a beautiful garden where they had no lack. Adam and Eve were placed in the land of “More Than Enough,” and that continues to be God’s intention for His people. But instead of such a life, many Believers are living in the land of “Just Enough” or “Not Enough.” Because of ignorance, unbelief, or disobedience, they forfeit God’s intended blessings and live below their inheritance in Christ. If you are continually living with “Just Enough” or “Not Enough,” I have good news for you today: Your Heavenly Father loves you, and He wants to bring you into a land of overflowing abundance. He wants to overwhelmingly bless you, so you can, in turn, be a great blessing to others. What does it look like to go from lack to abundance? In Matthew 14:14-21, the disciples had “Not Enough” to feed the thousands of hungry people who had come to hear Jesus teach. But after they brought their five loaves and two fish to Jesus, a miracle happened: Everyone had plenty to eat, and they ended up with 12 full baskets of leftovers! Within mere moments, Jesus’ disciples went from a place of lack to an experience of “More Than Enough.” And the same can happen for you…if you put your life and your resources into the hands of Jesus. Everything you must receive in the kingdom of God comes by FAITH. What an incredible principle! If you believe God will prosper you, He will. But if you don’t believe He will prosper you, He won’t! Either way, He will honor your faith!. In Christ you’ve become richer than you can even imagine. You don’t have to keep begging, looking to the government or other people to meet your needs. God’s Word says He’s given you a huge check—with your name on it. I pray today that you will see God’s amazing love for you. May your life overflow with such abundance that countless others are impacted, both in this life and in eternity.