Dear Brethren, A time of Divine visitation is a period of unforgettable experience. When God visits you, everything about you changes for better. As God visited Sarah and changed her story, the same God will change your story in this season of divine visitation. Divine visitation refers to when the heavens and the earth collaborates. The heavens decides to show mercy and visit his creature. Divine visitation can bring about reconstruction where a wilderness or barren land becomes a fruitful place. When God visits; past promises and prophecies are turned into reality. Tangible results are seen. When God visited the earth, in Jesus, by his birth, prophecies given hundreds of years before were fulfilled. Divine visitation is the answer to every form of frustration and stagnation in every life. Every divine visitation always culminates in supernatural manifestation. When God steps into any difficult situation in your life, His mighty acts, signs and wonders are inevitable. There is hope for you that trust in God. That affliction can no more reign in your life. The mercy of the Lord has found you. Faith in God is one thing that can cause a supernatural intervention in a person’s life. God is looking for people that will believe Him beyond all odds and expect Him to turn their situation around. Jesus is a wonderful gift to every human being. Those who turn their lives to Jesus and follow Him are called Christians. Their lives should reflect their Master. There is no situation that the power of God cannot handle. God has been so good to everyone. It worths praising and thanking God for His awesome love. He sacrificed His son Jesus as a propitiation for your sin. He has forgiven all your sins. Accept God’s love and enter into a loving relationship with Him. He is stretching His hand of Love, Mercy and Kindness to you. It’s your winning season. It’s your time to experience a better life. With God, your dreams can be achieved, hope will be restored and prayers will be answered. The big God can handle and take care of all your problems. He wants to do it right now. Lift up your heart and hands unto Him. His power will raise you up and bring you into glory. In this season, the Lord will visit you, great things will happen to you and your life will be glorious. God’s visitation will definitely bring a positive change in your life. He’ll crown this year for you with peace