Being a child of God is a glorious honour conferred on those who are His sons and daughters. It cannot be compared to anything. It is a glorious placement in the kingdom of God. When people turn their lives to Jesus Christ, in spirit and truth, they are immediately translated into the kingdom of God. It is not just ordinary kingdom but a kingdom of superior power and champions where everyone is empowered to operate in the power and authority of Jesus Christ the head of principalities and powers. The life of that person is never the same again. The anointing of the Holy Spirit at work in him transforms him to be a force to reckon with. God has not called you into His kingdom to be disgraced and fail. God has brought you into glory and honour. You don’t need to live your life anyhow. You are the light and salt of the earth. You represent God’s kingdom wherever you are. You are the carrier of God’s presence and treasures. You were made to shine brighter. Our conduct and character should reflect God’s kingdom. Integrity should be our watch-word. We should operate in God’s kind of faith that looks beyond what happens in the physical realm. The world is full of darkness only those in the light will lighten them. The wisdom of God that operated in the life of Joseph and Jesus Christ should also operate in your life. The beauty of light is seen in darkness. Let’s make our callings profitable and of great impact to humanity. Let’s display the true life of Jesus Christ in reaching out to the lost, needy, distressed, confused, hopeless, and all whom we will come in contact with. Let’s truly act as an ambassador of Jesus Christ. Let our lives be a testimony to the true nature of God of love, grace, kindness, wisdom, peace and righteousness. The grace of God will enable you to stand strong and fulfil your God’s given destiny. You will be a person to be sort after. It is your season of relevance. It is your time of change. It is your day of great wonders and emerging as the beauty of Zion.