2021: Year of “Going / Moving Forward”

Gen  26:13, Num 10:5,  Phil 3:13-14, 1 Sam 12:6, Esther 5:11, 1 Sam 10:3, Isa 45:2-3, 1 Sam 16:13

Movement is a sign of life. Life is not programmed to be static. Life and time is always moving. Being ignorant of this makes one a victim. Knowing it and doing something makes one a victor. Having birthdays, getting married, graduation, births, etc are all evidence of going forward. Time wait for no man. Israel left Egypt and were heading to their promised land {Canaan} and they met the Red Sea. The Red Sea had been there for ages. They were afraid, worried and cried because of the Red Sea. Their crying did not cause the Red Sea to vacate. In our journey of life, we will meet our own Red Sea. We must braze up and not thinking of going back. We should also not stay there and do much crying of unbelief, fear, worry, despair and discouragement. As Israel cried to Moses in fear, unbelief, worry and agony. Moses also cried to God. The Lord responded with a solution ” Tell the children of Israelite to go forward”. God want us to go forward inspite of the obstacles and obstructions. As they went forward, the Lord did the miracle of opening the sea for them to pass through. No matter the challenge,  don’t go back. Go forward and confront it. David confronted Goliath by going forward against him and the Lord gave Him the victory. Paul said if any man draws back our spirit will not be with him. God want us to go forward in His power and grace. He want us to face the enemy headlong. You must go forward . There is no other way. It is your season to go forward. It is your time to shine. Forget the past failures, problems, missed opportunities, there are greater blessing ahead of you. Your future is brighter. Look forward. Go forward. Move  forward. Think forward. Stay forward. The Grace to go forward has come upon you. God has gone before you, doors are opened unto you.