Beloved of God, you are greatly loved and special by the Almighty God.  God have good plans for your life. No one knows the product better than the manufacturer. God is the manufacturer and you are His product.  Because He loved you and want you to fulfil His GOOD WILL , He constantly draws closer  to you irrespective of your attitude towards HIM.  He wants to change you and help you  in all the issues of your life. He is the breath of life. He is the lifter of men. He is the sure foundation. He is trustworthy and Ever faithful.  He is blessed forever. He wants to pour out His blessing upon you and bless people through you. You matter and mean a lot to Him. What is that situation that He can’t handle? What is that problem He can’t solve.  At His presence, mountains are removed, hills are levelled, failure turn to success, barrier turns to breakthrough, disappointments turn to appointments, miracles are performed, life has meaning, dreams and visions are fulfilled, burdens are removed, great hope and expectations are born.  All what you need to  do is to give up yourself to HIM. Allow HIM to take control of your life so that He perform His wonders and make you a shining star. Trust HIM with all your heart.  Do not lean  on your efforts or abilities.  Relate with HIM as a lovely and caring Father. He wants relationship with you. It doesn’t matter what trouble you face, He can take care of them. As you turn to Him right now, He will receive you and His power will work miracles in your situation. Believe in His Power and His Blessings. Stay with Him through His Word and Prayer. By His power, your troubles and struggles will result to a big testimony.