Beloved, You should  be thankful to the Almighty God for enlisting you into His kingdom. The kingdom of God is the kingdom of power and dominion. No power can withstand it. The church of God is taking back his place. We are on the verge of the manifestation of son of God. God is coming down in the midst of His people the way He has never done before. It’s a time when the church will take the stage. We are in a time when the church should be causing undeniable waves and commanding the attention of kings and thrones. The church of Jesus Christ is coming on a power frequency into the realms of wonders, undeniable miracles, absolute beauty, uncontested glory and causing great wave that will herald the return of Christ. We are stepping into the days of dominion of the body of Christ endowed with supernatural ability to confront oppositions and manifest the wonders of God. The world should be copying the believers on how to live. God has destined us to be above only, because, we are the righteous seed of the righteous God. The world should be reading our biographies to locate how to run their system.  So whether as a king in the palace, or as a priest in the temple or in any field of endeavour, the ultimate goal of redemption is for God’s children to reign, rule and have dominion where God will be honoured and glorified. As a child of God, you must take your place of honour and glory and not shame and disgrace. You must be an army to be envied. You shall no more live an ordinary life. You are born for exploits and dignity. We are in the days of the fullness of the inheritance of the saints. It is time for you to understand and embrace the Holy Spirit that makes you a wonder. You shall not be left behind. The rain of honour,  miracles, signs and wonders are poured upon the church. You shall not be left out. It is your season of reaping your harvest of Honour from God.