God has preserved you in all circumstances. It’s a great honour and blessing to appear before the Almighty and Holy God. God is faithful and good. God created you for relationship. He empowered you with grace, gifts and ability that makes you unique among men. He placed much honour and value on your life. That’s why even your hairs are all numbered. He sent Jesus to bless you. He is not thinking bad about you. His thought toward you is good to bring you to an expected end. You are most loved by God. He is awesome in your life. Your service to Him will bless you even more. This is a season to be thankful and grateful for whom God is and what He has done for you and your loved ones.  This is a season to Celebrate and rejoice. We ought to be thankful to God for His Mercy, amazing love and care for us. God takes pleasure to see good things happens us. We ought to be thankful to God for giving us abundant life. God preserved and protected us till this day. Remember God’s goodness that flows towards you and through you. We ought to be thankful for giving us brain to think, eyes to see, ability to hear, wisdom to make right decisions and grace to go on in life. God punished Israel for not being thankful to what He has done for them. Rejoice continually and you will overcome every obstacle. God want us to develop an attitude of thanksgiving and rejoicing. Brake off from everything that will cause you not to rejoice and appreciate. God want us to depend on Him alone, nothing else will satisfy Him. We all went through trials, tribulations, difficult time and challenges but the Lord kept us not being destroyed.  We prevailed. Thank God for answering our prayer. The Grace of God rest upon you. The oil of greatness will not dry in your life. The hand of the Lord will lift you higher beyond your imagination. The anointing of the Holy Spirit will flow continually in your life. The arrows that flies in the day and pestilence in the night will not touch you. Any curse pronounced against you is erased by the blood of Jesus. Affliction will be far from you and your loved ones. Grace to serve and obey God increase in your life. The Lord open your eyes of understanding to under the mysteries of God. In kingdom, you will flourish. You will impact your generation. Unusual favour will locate you. This year will end well for you. No power can stop you. You are rising up as a warrior. God shall touch you and you shall move forward. You shall grow stronger and stronger.